Trustman Art Gallery

2009 Trustman Exhibits

The Chair, The Glove and The Envelope…Uncovering The Process

Drawings by Bill Flynn

November 2 - December 9

Regeneration and Transformation

Recent Drawings and Prints by Guhapriya Ranganathan

October 5 - October 30

Nautical Body

An Exhibition of Sculptures, Photographs & Drawings by Christy Georg

August 31 - September 30

The Urban Wild

An Exhibit of Paintings and Prints by Nancy Friese

April 21 - June 5

Today’s Tomorrow

An Exhibition of Sculpture and Installation by June Ahrens

March 23 - April 17

Some Things The World Gave

A Show of Paintings by Jan Lhormer and Susan Schwalb

February 9 - March 19