Trustman Art Gallery

2015 Trustman Exhibits

Not Really Practical

Janice Jakielski, Warren Mather and Janice Redman

November 9 - December 14

Line Acts

Drawings by Stacey Cushner and Alexandra Rozenman

October 5 - November 5

Slyly Fractured

Photographs by Nancy Grace Horton

September 2 - October 1


In Honor of Sinclair Hitchings and Art in Boston Paintings by Elizabeth Awalt, Ken Beck, Aaron Fink and Prints by Catherine Kernan

April 21 - May 29

Skirting Identity

Women and Weaving in Laos, Thailand and Myanmar Curated by Margaret Hanni, Ph.D.

March 17 - April 16


Mixed Media Installation of Work by Michelle Lougee

February 4 - March 5

Annual Student Show

January 20-29